Sourdough Sandwich Bread

After years of sourdough artisan style boules, something was missing in my bread repertoire. I worked on this recipe to create the perfect, soft, slightly sweet sourdough sandwich bread. It’s become a staple in our home. If you have a starter and a stand mixer, this recipe is very easy to incorporate into your kitchenContinue reading “Sourdough Sandwich Bread”

Maple Paprika Pumpkin Soup

Sweet, savory, simple, delicious? Yes, this soup has it all. Purèe and soup are my two main go-tos with pumpkin. We grew a small patch last Fall. They’ll store for 6 months, maybe longer. Butternut or acorn squash are fine substitutes. Pork, beef, chicken, or mixed bone broth work well here. Recipe 1 quart/32 ozContinue reading “Maple Paprika Pumpkin Soup”

Sourdough Whole Wheat Rye Bread

This recipe came out of my search for a traditional sourdough rye bread with no white flour. Its a 50/50 blend of whole wheat and dark rye flours with an 87% hydration. It has enough whole wheat flour to lighten the crumb without sacrificing the earthy rye notes. I believe even the novice bread makerContinue reading “Sourdough Whole Wheat Rye Bread”