Maple Paprika Pumpkin Soup

Sweet, savory, simple, delicious? Yes, this soup has it all. Purèe and soup are my two main go-tos with pumpkin. We grew a small patch last Fall. They’ll store for 6 months, maybe longer. Butternut or acorn squash are fine substitutes. Pork, beef, chicken, or mixed bone broth work well here. Recipe 1 quart/32 ozContinue reading “Maple Paprika Pumpkin Soup”

Fresh Milk Many Ways

Every other week we drive 15 min to our small, local dairy to buy four gallons of milk. The farm’s small herd of grass fed Dutch Belted cows produces incredible milk. Even though it is not raw, the low temperature pasteurized and non-homogenized creamy goodness rivals any of the best raw milk I’ve had. WeContinue reading “Fresh Milk Many Ways”